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She Cums First

If God did not believe in female sexual pleasure, the clitoris would not exist. - Dr. Nick M.

Apr 18, 2021

Kesha and Jackson, Part 2. Here is another piece of my interview with the couple.  They did not hold back and I hope you enjoy the passion they share for each other.  #LongQuickies, #MentalConnection, #TypesOfOrgasms

Apr 18, 2021

Gentlemen, I believe over the years, we taught ourselves to ejaculate quickly.  While cumming quickly is good in certain situations, it may not work well when you are with your partner.  I believe you can teach your body to "unlearn" that behavior and your partner can help out and make it fun.  Enjoy.

Apr 11, 2021

Kesha and Jackson, #1.  Here is another "Just Talking..." podcast series, where I interviewed my first couple.  It was a very lively interview with more to come.  Thanks for listening.