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She Cums First

She Cums First.

Promoting equitable pleasure and sexuality education.

Good day, Dr. Nick here. This podcast is focused on sexual health and all of the pleasure that comes with it. In the education section of my Facebook group, there are sessions called Selfless Sex where you learn to view your entire body as a sexual playground.

Above all, let's start a movement where we introduce "sexual chivalry," where guys are gentlemen.  Who is with me? #SheCumsFirst, #SCF

May 24, 2020

Has your sex life started to slow down because you've been stuck in the house together? In this podcast, here are a few suggestions to reignite your sex life and have some fun.  Hint: Outdoor sex could be what you need. Enjoy.

May 14, 2020

News broke earlier this week about Covid 19 found in the semen of recovered men.  Here is a bit of information on what the study said and what it did not say.  Bottom line...more research is needed. 

May 4, 2020

We all have our favorite sexual positions.  In this podcast, I discuss the top 9 positions plus the 3 best sexual positions for her pleasure.  If you're feeling brave, try a few from the Kama Sutra.  What's your favorite positions?