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She Cums First

If God did not believe in female sexual pleasure, the clitoris would not exist. - Dr. Nick M.

Sep 9, 2018

She's back.  This time, we discuss the Orgasm Gap.  What is the Orgasm Gap and what's causing so few women to orgasm from sex?  We think its social media but, could this "gap" be caused by something else?  Enjoy.

Aug 18, 2018

My 'better half' said she'd like to podcast with me so, here is our first attempt.  This is our 1st anniversary weekend so, we had a great time at dinner along with many drinks.  It was fun to record with her so I think we're starting something extra special.  Enjoy...

Aug 12, 2018

Why is there a disparity between African-American men and men from other ethnic groups when it comes to prostate cancer?  Is it the environment?  Could it be a lack of quality health care or a combination on many factors. 

Jul 22, 2018

My better half told me about a procedure that happens to women typically right after birth to make their vagina's "tight" for their husband.  Most women did not consent to this and their doctor makes this choice for them.  Do you have a Husband's Stitch?

Jun 9, 2018

Through a friend of a friend, the question is "How can a guy keep his erection longer?  Would suggesting cock rings be offensive to them?"  While I can't co-sign on cock rings, I explained how the premature ejaculation probably started and I offer one solution to this issue.  Enjoy.