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She Cums First

She Cums First.

Promoting equitable pleasure and sexuality education.

Good day, Dr. Nick here. This podcast is focused on sexual health and all of the pleasure that comes with it. In the education section of my Facebook group, there are sessions called Selfless Sex where you learn to view your entire body as a sexual playground.

Above all, let's start a movement where we introduce "sexual chivalry," where guys are gentlemen.  Who is with me? #SheCumsFirst, #SCF

Mar 29, 2020

Using the right lube can make sex much more pleasurable.  The truth is not all lubes are created equal.  In this podcast, I discuss the different types of lubes, with their costs and benefits.  What about "all-natural" lubes? Thanks for listening.

Mar 22, 2020 is 2020 and we're all over-scheduled.  We're on the move as soon as our feet hit the floor then we pass out at night.  Are we too busy for sex? Using technology can help but we should remember to make sex a priority.  

Mar 15, 2020

In this podcast, I discuss some of the challenges sexually active people may face while we deal with Covid-19.  I focus on dating, people who are HIV positive and the upcoming fleet of "Corona-Babies." #Kissing? #Condoms? #Coronababies?

Mar 8, 2020

You should be having good sex.  If not, why not? In this podcast, I do not tell you how to have good sex but I offer suggestions on why you should have good sex.  As you listen to this podcast, I'd like for you to think of ways to make your sex life better.

Mar 1, 2020

Can you change the taste of your semen or your vaginal secretions?  For the majority of people, the answer is yes.  There are certain food you can eat and drink.  Also, there are 'things' you should avoid as well.  For starters, hydrate with water.  Plus, eating a healthy diet also helps too.