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She Cums First

She Cums First.

Promoting equitable pleasure and sexuality education.

Good day, Dr. Nick here. This podcast is focused on sexual health and all of the pleasure that comes with it. In the education section of my Facebook group, there are sessions called Selfless Sex where you learn to view your entire body as a sexual playground.

Above all, let's start a movement where we introduce "sexual chivalry," where guys are gentlemen.  Who is with me? #SheCumsFirst, #SCF

Feb 23, 2020

Your overall diet can have a major impact on your sex life.  Eating the healthier foods and avoiding the wrong foods is key.  The tough part is that some foods are both good and bad for you, depending on the amount you eat.  Enjoy.

Feb 16, 2020

What will your sex life look like as you age?  While there plenty of myths out there, are you putting yourself in a position to be sexually active at a later stage in life? Eating healthy and exercise goes a long way in remaining sexually healthy and sexually active. Thanks for listening.

Feb 9, 2020

Following the age & sexual health theme for February, it was only fair to discuss dating an "older" woman.  I discuss a few things you should keep in mind while dating an "older" woman.  The podcast ends with a discussion including some of the benefits of dating an older woman.  Enjoy.

Feb 3, 2020

Since it is my birthday month, I'm going to talk about getting older.  So yes, I believe dating an older gentleman may be beneficial for you. Here are 5 or so reasons why dating an older gent is good for you. I'll let you decide what "older" means to you. Enjoy...